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Piling & Foundation Contracting

By virtue of the geographic & geologic setting of the UAE and Gulf region at large; in terms of; prevalent eolian dune environment, proximity to the marine environment (in plan and elevation) and recent tectonic history of the region; the predominance of; loose dune sands, soft tidal sabkha deposits, soft fractured rock deposits...


Grouting & Ground Treatments

By virtue of proximity of marine conditions (in plan and elevation) and the excessive hydraulic conductivity of the native soil and rock stratigraphy (sand and weak, highly fractured rock ground masses), ingress of water and build-up of pore pressures beneath and around construction, and the inherent low density and strength of ground masses...


Geographical Studies

Spectra is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 for quality, operational health & safety and environmental protection. This certification process was initially secured and periodically renewed by an accredited third party auditing Spectra’s compliance with the terms of the QHSE Integrated Management System (IMS)...



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